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Do Water Heaters contain Lead?

Water Heaters can contain Lead Water Heaters contain metals that will corrode over time, and can leach into the water in the tank.  Certain contaminants, like lead solder, can be found in older pipe systems.  The lead ban was enacted in 1986, and so many plumbing parts contain small (“acceptable”) amounts of lead.  Contaminants tend to dissolve more rapidly…
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Water Heater Spring Cleaning

Water Heater Spring Cleaning is a basic necessity for homeowners.  It's important to have Standard Water Heaters flushed out, and inspected to insure proper function.  It's also important to have a Tankless style Water Heater Flushed and routinely maintained to ensure efficiency and proper function. Spring Cleaning for a homeowner includes basic maintenance: As Spring fast…
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Water Heater Give Away

Carter’s My Plumber is Asking for Nominations to Give Away a Water Heater to a Local Family in Need this Holiday Season! Carter’s My Plumber is giving away a new water heater to a family in need during this holiday season.  The Carter’s are very involved in their community, and it is their desire to…
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