Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance is an important part of the life and performance of a water heater.  Draining and flushing a water heater is part of the maintenance procedure.  Water Heater Manufacturer’s recommend maintaining a water heater unit by properly draining it at least one time per year in order to not void the warranty.  A home water heater needs to be drained as part of regular home maintenance, and according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Why Flush a Water Heater?

  • Draining ensures a longer life for your water heater.   Flushing out minerals and other debris that can cause it to malfunction, will help the overall system function better.
  • By not properly maintaining your water heater, it may cease to function altogether or result in cold bursts of water when least expected.  It may rust out faster from harmful iron deposits.  Overall, the better condition you keep your water heater in, the better performance you will receive.

How Often?

  • Professional recommendations for flushing a water heater tank vary. The DIY Network suggests draining your water heater every year, while Consumer Reports suggests draining it two times per year. The manufacturer has specific requirements and can be found in the owner’s manual.
  • The basic and obvious rule is the more you use the water heater, the more often it needs maintained.

Number of people in your home Check your water heater every. . . Drain your water heater every. . . Professional service
1 to 2 6 months 12 months Check manual
3 to 5 4 months 8 months Check manual
6 or more 4 months 6 months Check manual



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